Friday, 29 April 2011

Nokia s310 white display solution

Nokia 5310 white display problem is three different kinds.
(1)Your mobile display is white but your mobile work properly.
(2)when you can mobile is on, and some second your mobile display white and restarted.
(3)some time your mobile no on display light and no display.
You can follow this below diagram and solved the upper problems.
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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Nokia 6300 not charging sported problime

Nokia 6300 not charging sported problem is a very difficult but u can solve this problem easily.Just open the your mobile phone with sample mobile phone tools and follow below diagram.
Not charging
Not charging sported
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Monday, 25 April 2011

How to Become a Successful iPhone Game Developer

Ever heard of an Ethan Nicholas? Ethan held a fairly average job down at Sun Microsystems. That is until he developed a little game called iShoot on iPhone and now he's a very happy man. Why? Because he's stinking rich!

Although Ethan's unexpected hobby made him rich by coincidence, the world of iPhone game development is becoming highly competitive, very quickly. Perhaps this has a lot to do with the fact that iPhone game developers get to keep a large sum of their profits from selling their game.

While it is a sea of opportunities, the iPhone game development world is still a big maze, with hundreds of developers being rejected every day. However, if you want to become the next Ethan Nicholas, and spare rejection, here are some handy tips.

    Bugs - This speaks for itself. If your game has a bug that causes the iPhone application to crash, then chances are Apple won't risk annoying its customers by buying your game. Make sure you run several tests, on multiple devices and under different network conditions. Write out unit test codes for your regression testing as well.

    Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) - Although Apple is very strict about its HIG, there have been instances when applications have been approved despite minor violations of the guidelines. However, after all that hardwork, would you want to fall into the reject pile? My advice - stick to the codes.

    Internet usage - If your game requires internet connection, and there is no network available, then it is actually against the guidelines to simply state "trying to connect". So remember to inform the user if network is unavailable and test your game under no connectivity conditions, as that is how Apple does it.

    Bandwidth allowance - As a fellow user yourself, you probably wouldn't want to play a game that uses too much bandwidth as it can get very expensive and drain the battery quickly. iPhone consultants at Apple suggest not using more than 4.5Megabytes worth of data for every 5 minutes of usage. Again, check the data usage before you submit your game.

    Copyright infringement and Privacy Breach- It is common to use famous people in a less than polite way in games, which is all in good fun. However, iPhone has strict rules against poking fun at politicians or celebrities in their games.

    In-app purchases - These days, every other iPhone game developer includes in-app shopping, and while they add a different dimension to games, they can also be misleading when purchases transcend play shopping into real credit card usage. In fact, a new class-action lawsuit is being taken against Apple by parents and guardians, whose children have been making these virtual purchases without realizing that they were actually going to be billed for them. So spare yourself and Apple the legal issues, and inform gamers clearly, if in-app purchases are in fact, real buys.

Many of these tips might be considered useful, and they are, however, the world of iPhone game development is not limited to these guidelines alone. If you're truly passionate about your creation, and are not 100% iPhone game development savvy, then perhaps it is best to seek the advice of professionals.

For example, Houston iPhone developers JiniBot Mobile Development specializes in iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry mobile development, and are more than qualified to help send you in the right direction.

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Nokia 6300 white display solution

Nokia 6300 white display solution:Nokia mobile model 6300 is a sample mobile phone with Meany sd memory card.its a very beautiful mobile phone but same time it create a problem of white display,blue display.If your mobile create this problem
White display
Blue display
Light problem.
Fast of all you open your mobile with the sample mobile phone tools and follow the below diagram solved the problem.

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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Nokia x6 not charging solution

Nokia x6 not charging solution or charger not sported.
First of all you checked the battery connector is properly connect the battery point.If its connected then you open the your nokia x6 with the sample mobile phone tools and follow the below diagram.
Follow this diagram and remove the filter capacitor and diode carefully.For more information please send me comments in the comment box and tell me how i can more useful solution on my blog. 

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Nokia X2 insert sim card problem

Nokia X2 insert sim card problem is a very difficult for solved.Because some time your mobile phone battery not properly connect to the battery connector and your mobile became a insert sim card.First of all you checked the battery medial point proper connect the battery connector medial point.Because the medial point give a positive point to the UEM ic.   If its connected but your mobile phone give a message insert sim card.Then you open your mobile phone with mobile tools and follow my below diagram and make a can also replace the ic.If you can not you follow this diagram and make jumpering .
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Monday, 11 April 2011

Nokia x2 not charging or not charger supported problem

Nokia x2 not charging or not charger supported  problem solution.
If your cell phone nokia X2 is not charging.Firstly checked out that your phone;s battery is correctly connected to the battery connector If it is correctly not connected it had the problem of not charging .Then clean out the battery point with the dirt cleaner(ctc).If the battery is correctly connected then open the mobile phone with mobile tool follow my below diagram remove the capacitors and diode which i show in the diagram.
  Then do the jumpring which you can follow my diagram.
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Saturday, 9 April 2011

nokia x2 white display solution

Nokia x2 is a very wonderful mobile phone and today very famous in the world.But sometime it createe a problem with his display.sometime it become a white or after few second it will be restart.If your mobile phone create that problem so you can repair yourself.Sample you open your mobile with the mobile tool and follow the below diagram.
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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Nokia C1-01 not charging solution

Nokia C1-01 not charging solution.
Nokia C1-01 not charging problem is very easy solution.First of all checked out this...
Your mobile;s battery is properly connected with the middle of the battery connector.If this is correctly connected .Then you should satisfy that this is not a huge problem.Sometime not charging problem can b due to change the battery.So you should only use the BL-5CB battery in your Nokia C1-01 mobile phone.
If your problem is not solving then open your nokia C1-01 mobile phone with the mobile phone screw driver follow my below diagram and solved your problem.
Your problem will be solved 100%.
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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Nokia c1-01 white display solution

Nokia c1-01 white display problem have different type of problem.
(1).Nokia C1-01 shewed white display.
(2).Nokia C1-01  showed only light no display.
(3).sometime the display is remain for sometime but after that it goes.
For the solution of all above problem.Please follow my this diagram and solved the problem.

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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Nokia C1-01 insert sim problem.

 Nokia C1-01 insert sim problem.
Nokia C1-01 insert sim is a very simple solved problem.first checked out the battery is it properly connected to the center point of battery connecter.Because some time battery not properly connect to the center point of battery connecter and mobile phone give a message insert sim cared.if your battery properly connect to the battery connecter.Then you open the mobile phone with mobile phone tools and follow this diagram and solve the problem.
  There is two options.
(1).Change the sim IC ( i show you on the diagram).
(2). Jumpring the sim ic as a diagram.
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Monday, 4 April 2011

iPad and iPad 2 Stands - Just Mobile Is Leading the Way Among Manufacturers

There are hundreds of iPad and iPad 2 different stands that help in making your device more functional and comfortable to use. Actually, a large amount of the iPad cases manufactured as double as iPad stands. Just Mobile, a leading manufacturer of iPad accessories, has come out with a variety of stands for the iPad and iPad 2 that are just dominating the market. Users won't stop raving about the quality and functionality of some of Just Mobile's most popular iPad stands. Take a look at this list of the most popular Just Mobile products!

Just Mobile Slide Stand for iPad and iPad 2

Have you ever been in a situation where you wished you could just pull an iPad stand out of your back pocket? People that use their iPad on the go have this thought go through their head frequently. Just Mobile has created a cutting-edge iPad stand that is small enough to take on the go. Because of this stand's simple style, user can pull it out anywhere and put it to use in seconds. The stand actually only consists of one, solid piece of aluminum, yet still offers a variety of viewing angles! It holds the iPad and iPad 2 in both portrait and landscape position. The Just Mobile Slide Stand will cost you around $40.

Just Mobile Encore Stand for iPad and iPad 2

The Encore stand for the iPad and iPad 2 is equally exciting and functional as the slide stand. This stand is constructed out of an aluminum ring that makes up the base and also features a hinged-arm that supports the back of the iPad. This stand is popular because it offers an unlimited number of different views angle, which ensures that you can use your iPad at the optimal angle. Another important feature that the Encore stand has is its rock-hard support for typing. You can tap those keys as hard and fast as you like and your iPad won't go anywhere. The Encore stand retails for about $60.

AluPen by Just Mobile

The AluPen is actually not an iPad stand, but rather a stylus. Most people like to use a stylus in conjunction with their iPad stand. This product has been selling off the shelves like hotcakes since its release. It has a chunkier body than most stylus, making it easier to control with an increased level of precision. Many users have thrown away their popular Pogo Sketch stylus and upgraded to the AluPen. The AluPen is available in six colors and retails for about $25.

Get your Just Mobile iPad accessories before they are out of stock. is celebrating the release of these products by discounting prices. You will find the popular AluPen iPad stylus has been reduced from $24.95 to $22.95 and the Slide Stand for iPad is now only $37.99 plus free shipping!

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Saturday, 2 April 2011

Nokia mobile 7610 keypad ways

 Nokia mobile 7610 keypad problem
Nokia mobile 7610 keypad problem is tow tape.One if you press the one key but its work tow key.And sacond is when you press a mobile phone keypad key but it not work or it still.Nokia 7610 mobile phone when you open it with sample mobile phone tools you see a key pad bellow the LCD.first of all you remove the old touch pad and clean the keypad with MBC or CTC and replace it a new one.When you do that your mobile phone 100% work properly.If your mobile phone key pad not work properly so you follow this diagram and replace keypad IC or jumper it as a diagram.

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Nokia mobile n70,7610 white display solution tip

Nokia mobile n70,7610 white display solution tip
nokia n70,nokia 7610 is tow different mobile phone model but some IC n70,7610 white display problem is tow type.
First your cell phone 100% work but no display or white screen or no display no light.If your mobile phone became a no display and no light so u can change the LCD with a new one.if you mobile phone n70,7610 have a wite screen and work properly so you change the display ic.but if you don;t know where is display ic so you follow my diagram that is give you bellow.

This is nokia mobile 7610s n70 and nokia 7610 have display iC and UEM ic is you dont worry about that.You open the mobile n70 phone with sample mobile phone tools and find these IC on the bored.
Second problem is.When you start the cell phone the mobile phone LCD became white after few second and mobile restart again.You can solve this problem whith the help of diagram that is given bellow so re hot this IC with hot ear gun.
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Friday, 1 April 2011

Nokia 1616,1800 not charging solution

 Nokia 1616,1800 not charging solution
Nokia mobile phone 1616,1800 very famous mobile have a  long time battery timing.But some time it create a problem when you connect a charger it give a message "not charging " or " charger not supported ".
Nokia 1616,1800 original battery number is BL-5CB.So when you change the battery remember this.If you insert a wrong battery number  it will show a message NOT Charging.If you have a original battery but mobile phone not charge or it show a not charger supported then you open the mobile with sample mobile phone tools and follow this diagram that is give bellow.So replace this resistance R22 and remove the charging IC you Nokia 1616,1800 not charging problem 100% solve
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