Thursday, 17 March 2016

Mobile Phone advantage and disadvantage or Mobile phone boon or bane

Today i feel mobile phone is a very dangers  think in my life.  so i  decided to discuss about it in may face book community and there in my lovely blog so you people desited Is mobile important in our life?
i search in google i visit almost  every site of descase about  mobile phone.

Advantages Of Mobile Phones.
mobile phone can communicate with each other.Today we can use GPS service for find phone also use for preparing presentations,lisning musik and we cans see vedios tack pictures make selfi ,calnder,calculatore,storage for contact and data,sms,and so on.

Disadvantages Of Mobile Phone.
Radiations emitted have been blamed for various health hazards, linked to and are blamed for causing hearing loss, skin diseases, cancer. Overuse/ misuse may lead to problems, loss of privacy, psychosomatic disorders leading to personality changes. Many users use ear phones or headphones which may cause hearing problems as well as ear infections. Using mobile for listening music has been blamed for number of road traffic accidents, because of poor listening and attention to other vehicles and lack of concentration and control while driving.
So gyes i refer ti to PDF on google search to read this and decide about mobile phone
mobile phone advantage and disadvantages
Mobile phone; Electro-mechanical equipment.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

QMobile hang or keypad not work

QMobile hang or keypad not work.
Q mobile all model keypad solution.

Q mobile all model have same problem with i will tell you how to remove this problem.
this problem become with charging you remove the keypad pepper in mobile bored and clean with CTC.if problem still then clean the the charging jack.if problem always still then you change the charging jack.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

xperia arc s no network registerd or no connection

Sony ericsson experia network connection error.
experia network not registered. 
Experia no service problem.
Experia no signal.
sony ericsson experia have  many model but i notice that the signal problem is very i will tell you how to remove this problem completely.if you have experia arc s and it have a signal or network not registered problem then you read carefully this post and its also for every experia model. of all you check your mobile signal in network search.if no network pop up then you check you  check signal wire. i show in  below picture.

2.If you have network work but signal strength  is low then you dail *#*#4636#*#* then you go in phone  information there you set the preferred network.if you have WCDMA preferred then you set in WCDMA only and turn off the radio. after few second and then turn on the radio.
3.if problem is network not registered on this network when you search the manual network.then you change the diode i show in below picture.but some time the mobile phone OS damage so i suggest you fast of update the software. if problem still then you change the diode.

If you have any problem then you feel free and contact to me to passe the comments

Friday, 17 January 2014

How to instaal jellybeen on sky vaga a760s or any android device.

Android system recovery <3e>.
androids system recovery is a bulletin in your device. you can check that recovery in you device recovery mode. there we decease Sky vaga a760e so i Gide you about that.Avery device have different mouthed about recovery mode so i tell you about and hold the volume down key and search button together and then press power key when device logo come then you release the key. now you see dead android logo now press the manu key the android system recover come up that.

ClockworkMod Recovery.

jelly bean is a update of Andris mobile or tab device.Fast you nead to know how to install CWM recovery  in your device.
ClockworkMode recovery install to sky vaga.
fast you nead to download CWM V6.0.1.0 recovery   folder.
Boot img file for A770K and A760S.

HOW TO INSTALL ClockWorkMode  Recovery.
Fast you download the folder and extract it. then you do step by step.
fast you download the your device Usb driver from google search.There is a sky a760s usb driver .you can download here.
1.Fast you nead to put your device in USB DEBUGGING.(go to settings -Developer options-usb debugging need to be checked)
2.Attached your device with your pc.
3. now press the shift button and right click on a760s recovery folder and load into CMD .
4. now you type adb reboot bootloader.(your phone will be restart and boot in to fast boot mode)
5.Type fast boot oem unlock (phone may be restart and than boot in to fast boot mode)
6.Type fast boot flash recovery recovery-touch.img (for touch) and recovery.img (for normal recovery)
7.Your phone will be restart automatically if not than remove your battery for few seconds and put it again and on your phone CWM will be installed on your phone.
How to root ICS4.0.4.
1. load (a760s bootimg) directory(press the shift button and right click on a760s bootimg folder and start with CMD.
2.type adb reboot bootloader (your phone will be restart and boot in to fast boot mode).
3.type fastboot flash boot boot_mod_h.img 
if your device not restart don't worry remove the battry  afew second and put it again and start your device .
now your phone is rooted and see super user on your phone.
How To Install jelly bean on sky vaga a760s.
fast you nead to download the jelly bean form google search.i give you a jelly bean 4.1.2 from here.
upload the jelly bean zip remember it do not extract  it direct copy it on Sd card.
Now shat down your device and on its with recovery mode. press the volume down and search button and then power on you see the Cockworkmod recovery like this.
now you press the volume down button 3 time and press the Sky touch.there to permission to resit your device press the YES. then task complete now you press the volume down button 4 time this time you wip the cache the you install the rom from memory the volume down button 1 time and there you nead to select the jelly bean rom ( you copy from Pc).after few meant jelly bean install congratulation enjoy .if you like this post then you pass the comments.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Chine Mwobile light blinking and mobile phone Restart.

China Mobile restarting and White Display solution.
China Mobile Stop working problem.
Chine mobile light blinking and mobile phone Restart.
China mobile have some basic problem like restarting and white display. Restart the Mobile phone for many reasone fast check your mobile buttery connector.If there some carbon then your mobile not charging properly.and other resone is problem with software so you flash it with latest tools.And second problem is White you check your mobile phone memory. Is it Full. If its full then you Ears some data or remove to memory card.Check massage in box also because some time mobile phone memory full and mobile software not work properly its Stop working or white display and shutdown or its very impotent.if your mobile phone memory is not overload and mobile phone have these problem then you open your mobile phone and re hot the UPP. and check it. i think its work properly.IF your mobile phone light Blinking very short time and your mobile phone become a whit display or stop working then you change the oscillator or timer. you can see below picture.

dear vestore please tell me how's my work.give me a comment for my bloging. i m very thnkfull to you.

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Android Is Beating iOS in the Smartphone Wars

Recently i saw this article and i feel its so help full then i decided to post in my blag.

In the public estimation, the iPhone in all its iterations was widely considered to be the epitome of a modern smartphone. This just goes to show you what a good job of work the Cupertino-based tech giant did in brainwashing the masses. It is said that if you are going to tell a lie you should make it a big one. This is exactly what Steve Jobs did when he marketed his iPhone on the basis that it was technologically more advanced than the opposition. In actual fact, this is not true, and it never was in the first place.

For all its slimline casing and glittering screen, the iPhone has always trailed behind Android-equipped handsets. This is because the Android operating system is an evolving, open source platform, whereas iOS is not only closed off but is based around placing limitations and restrictions on the user at every turn.

It is fair to say that Jobs got off to a good start with the iPhone and iPad. The Apple chief understood the importance of attractive design, which is what did the trick in getting the public sold on his products in the early days. Soon enough, the snowball effect was in evidence as the stampede to grab the latest and greatest gadgets saw Apple jump to the top of the sales charts.

Now that the dust is settling, people are gradually realizing that each new version of the iPhone brings with it very few innovations. In addition, there is little room to manoeuver on the style front - if the design team made the handsets any more wafer-thin, they would likely be in danger of snapping in users' hands! The slowing down of the iPhone bandwagon, just as Android gets up to speed, is almost certainly the reason for the fact that sales of Android handsets are now surging, whereas Apple is heading into the doldrums.

As compared to iOS and the iPhone, Android is based around technical innovation and usability. For sure, Android handsets are quite stylish in some cases, but it is not a case of style over substance, unlike fashion-oriented iOS devices.

Where Android scores every time is in the wide variety of apps available for users to download onto their phones. The vast majority of these apps are free of charge, which is to be welcomed in these severely cash-strapped times. By contrast, Apple's philosophy is to lock everything down and punish users with fees and charges (not to mention deliberately changing hardware specifications so that users can no longer use the same leads, chargers, and other accessories).

When it comes to apps, Apple restricts what developers can do. Unless officially approved by Apple, developers are not allowed to produce apps for the iPhone. This is quite different with Android, which is an open source operating system, so anyone can produce an app if they want to. While this may result in a few dead duck apps, in the long term it means the Android OS keeps the upper hand in technological terms.

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Friday, 29 June 2012

Nokia 6300 blue light only solution

Nokia 6300 blue light solution.
Nokia 6300 only blue light on.
Nokia 6300 not On.
Nokia 6300 only side blue light solution.
Recently I face this problem with my nokia 6300.I search many solution about this problem on the online but i not found comfortable solution about this problem.At last i solved this problem.I change the thavo ic.i show you that ic below picture.

I change this Ic and also flash higher mobile 100% work.
fast you can do you re hot the thavo ic and flash it.if your problem still then you change the ic and flash with latest version.i am wait your comments about this post tell me how;s your experience about that.