Tuesday, 29 March 2011

China mobile phone white display solution

Welcome to the mobile phone repairing tips blog.This is my farts  post on blog.my name is Rizwan Naz and i am a mobile repairing expert.My blog is all about the mobile phone;s software and hardware solution.Whenever you will visit my blog you will find the all solution of your any kind of cell phone.Here you can find all the cell phone repairing tips,applications,software,blackberry software information,nokia  mobile phone all models china all models solution.
China mobile phone white display solution.
Today china mobile phone is very famous around the world but some time it create a problem white screen.It held after few second and became white display.There tow reason first your mobile phone put down on the floor and second your mobile phone water damage.
china mobile have many models but hardware have same software different.This picture have a one china mobile phone bored and seven IC;s same IC small and three main IC big and big one UUP IC and second REM thread is power IC.
If you china mobile phone create a problem white display.
First of all you open a mobile with sample  mobile phone tools and put the mobile phone bored same  this picture and rehot the UUP IC.Then your china mobile phone problem 100% solve.
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  2. Thanks for this solution..
    but china mobile had so much models, some touch screen mobile created white display problem,
    what is solution of white display of touch china mobile?
    Plz. help me...

  3. Is it Gfive g365 pcb board. I need some help.

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