Saturday, 29 December 2012

Android Is Beating iOS in the Smartphone Wars

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In the public estimation, the iPhone in all its iterations was widely considered to be the epitome of a modern smartphone. This just goes to show you what a good job of work the Cupertino-based tech giant did in brainwashing the masses. It is said that if you are going to tell a lie you should make it a big one. This is exactly what Steve Jobs did when he marketed his iPhone on the basis that it was technologically more advanced than the opposition. In actual fact, this is not true, and it never was in the first place.

For all its slimline casing and glittering screen, the iPhone has always trailed behind Android-equipped handsets. This is because the Android operating system is an evolving, open source platform, whereas iOS is not only closed off but is based around placing limitations and restrictions on the user at every turn.

It is fair to say that Jobs got off to a good start with the iPhone and iPad. The Apple chief understood the importance of attractive design, which is what did the trick in getting the public sold on his products in the early days. Soon enough, the snowball effect was in evidence as the stampede to grab the latest and greatest gadgets saw Apple jump to the top of the sales charts.

Now that the dust is settling, people are gradually realizing that each new version of the iPhone brings with it very few innovations. In addition, there is little room to manoeuver on the style front - if the design team made the handsets any more wafer-thin, they would likely be in danger of snapping in users' hands! The slowing down of the iPhone bandwagon, just as Android gets up to speed, is almost certainly the reason for the fact that sales of Android handsets are now surging, whereas Apple is heading into the doldrums.

As compared to iOS and the iPhone, Android is based around technical innovation and usability. For sure, Android handsets are quite stylish in some cases, but it is not a case of style over substance, unlike fashion-oriented iOS devices.

Where Android scores every time is in the wide variety of apps available for users to download onto their phones. The vast majority of these apps are free of charge, which is to be welcomed in these severely cash-strapped times. By contrast, Apple's philosophy is to lock everything down and punish users with fees and charges (not to mention deliberately changing hardware specifications so that users can no longer use the same leads, chargers, and other accessories).

When it comes to apps, Apple restricts what developers can do. Unless officially approved by Apple, developers are not allowed to produce apps for the iPhone. This is quite different with Android, which is an open source operating system, so anyone can produce an app if they want to. While this may result in a few dead duck apps, in the long term it means the Android OS keeps the upper hand in technological terms.

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Friday, 29 June 2012

Nokia 6300 blue light only solution

Nokia 6300 blue light solution.
Nokia 6300 only blue light on.
Nokia 6300 not On.
Nokia 6300 only side blue light solution.
Recently I face this problem with my nokia 6300.I search many solution about this problem on the online but i not found comfortable solution about this problem.At last i solved this problem.I change the thavo ic.i show you that ic below picture.

I change this Ic and also flash higher mobile 100% work.
fast you can do you re hot the thavo ic and flash it.if your problem still then you change the ic and flash with latest version.i am wait your comments about this post tell me how;s your experience about that. 

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Opening and Closing Your Garage Door Using Your Smartphone

Can you remember the last time you left home and got about ten miles down the road only to start worrying about whether or not you'd closed your garage door? We all have these lapses in memory from time to time, and if you don't turn around and go back to check, you'll worry the whole time you're away. Even if this doesn't happen to you very often, you know it would be nice to have another choice that will allow you to check on the status of your door without making the trip back. Did you know that you can get a smartphone app that will let you check on your door and close it from where you are?
Although this app may not be something you'll use every day, because your door remote is going to work fine most of the time, it's a safeguard that you'll truly appreciate when the time comes that everything doesn't operate the way it's supposed to. No more getting locked out of your garage due to drained batteries in your remote. With your smartphone back-up, you'll never have to worry about remote problems again. In addition, the app can be used to remotely turn on the lights in your home and garage so that you'll never have to enter a dark house again.
And what about your children? Do you ever worry about them losing their key and arriving home from school only to find themselves locked out? This worry will disappear when you supply them with a phone containing this app. This will work with teens, too. When they're out late, you'll be able to sleep securely knowing your house and garage are locked up tight. They'll be able to open the door using the phone no matter what time they get home. This method of ensuring that they will be able to enter, even if they've forgotten their key, eliminates the need to "hide" a key near the doorway - a key which can easily be discovered by any would-be thief who will know the places to look for it.
What a pain it can be when you're lying in bed at night and almost asleep when you start thinking that maybe you didn't lock up the garage door for the night. Instead of a late night amble through your home to take a look, you can pick up your phone, know right then and there, and close it without getting out into the cold.
It may seem like these are just small but annoying inconveniences, but once you get used to checking your door using your phone and coming home to a lighted house, you'll get to wondering how you ever got along without it. It's sort of like wondering what life was like when people couldn't carry a phone around in their pocket.
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