Saturday, 21 May 2011

China mobile bad charging connect problem

China mobile bad charging connect problem is a very hard and so difficult.Some time you can charge your mobile but its create a problem of charger not sported or bad charging connect.Or you can charge your mobile its show charging but power not save and your mobile phone give a massage battery low.Or charger not work.

Bad charging connect
Charger not sported.
Not charging

If your mobile create any these problem so don,t worry today i will tel you about this problem.Fast you check the your mobile phone battery. Is it correctly connect the battery point?if this is correctly connected to the battery point then you check the your mobile phone charger.Is it give a 5.5v 500mA? I think if you check this your mobile phone problem will sole.
If your mobile phone problem not solve them you open the mobile phone with sample mobile phone tools and follow the bellow diagram.

Fast you check the cup pester near this diode.Then you change the diode. I hope your problem 100% solve.

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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Nokia 6300 water damage

In these days mobile phone is a very useful think in the world.Every one have a cell phone.But some time its felt down in the water and it create a some problems.Nokia mobile phone is a very famous in the world and they made a cell phone very powerful.Today i will tell you how to repair nokia 6300 water damage.

If your mobile nokia 6300 is a water damage and it not on  or mean its dad.So don,t worry you can repair your mobile your self. Fast of all you can open your mobile phone with mobile phone toolkit and remove the LCD on the PCB bored.After the remove LCD wash your mobile phone PCB bored with CTC(carbon tetra cleaner).Then you re hot the PCB bored with hot ear or ender the sun shine some hours.when you can feel your mobile phone bored is 100% dry then you close the mobile.Folow the below diagram there i tell you the UPP ic.Most impermanently you re hot this ic.

After the all work you can on the mobile phone and check it.If its create a some problem means ear piece not work or white display then you repair these problem deferents method some problem i was tell you last post on this blog.
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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Nokia C1 water damage

If your mobile phone is water damage and create some problems.Example mobile ear piece  not work.Your mobile phone is on but after few second it shutdown.Or your mobile phone display white.your mobile phone key pad not work can repair your mobile phone yourself.Sample open your mobile phone with mobile phone repairing tools and clean the PCB bored with CTC(carbon tetra cleaner).When you clean the PCB bored then remove the ic cover and re hot the UPP ic.Follow my below diagram and solve the problem.

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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Nokia 7610 how to remove virus or how to formate?

If your mobile nokia 7610 create a problem restart or application not work properly or mobile songs not play or battery not save so donot can format your mobile. Shutdown the mobile and open back cover remove the battery and memory card.Press the star + 3 key and start the cell phone when mobile light on press the ok key and wight few second.After few second your mobile phone show the formatting. 
After the formatting your mobile become original setting.For more info please comment me i hop this blog is very useful.   

Sunday, 1 May 2011

What Is A Reverse Phone Look Up?

Over the last few years you may have come across the term reverse phone lookup now and again as companies offering this type of service become more popular. Here we shall take a look at exactly what they are and how you can go about conducting your very own

What is a Reverse Phone look up?

A lookup of this type allows you to find out a variety of information regarding the owner of a phone number, this may include a name, address phone provider and so on. All this type of information can be useful if you keep receiving prank calls and want to put a stop to them or even believe that your spouse may be having some kind of affair. However, it doesn't always have to be a bad reason as to why you may want to access this information, it may simply be to match a name to a number or to stop people from cold calling and trying to sell you things you don't actually want. Simply trace the company and ask them to stop.

What kind or services are available?

There are both free and paid for services available online for you to do these types of information searches. Whilst the free ones are good for retrieving information regarding landline numbers, they tend to fall down when it comes to retrieving cell phone numbers. For these you are going to need to use a paid for service. The reason being that landline information is readily available whereas for cell numbers it needs to be collected which is an expensive task. A number of the paid for services will offer more than one rate based on either a single or set number of searches through to the ability to pay monthly for unlimited use.

What Information Can you expect to receive?

When you use a look up service you will receive a report about the owner of the number. This report will include information such a name, a registered address, phone company details and maybe even its location and other numbers that, that same person maybe using.

How do you access these services?

To use one of these services is quite simple. Simply go to the website and enter your number, if information is found you will be informed and the details will be made available for a small fee in the case of the paid services.

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