Monday, 12 December 2011

Nokia 2690 power On Off Button problem.

Nokia 2690 power On Off  Button problem.
Nokia 2690 dead solution.
Nokia 2690 keypad solution.
Nokia 2690 power button ways.
Nokia 2690 power button jumpring.
Nokia 2690 is a very good mobile phone but i think its create a problem with power button because nokia put the power button on the keypad ic so if you have the same problem with your mobile phone then you open your mobile with mobile phone tools and follow he below picture.

 If you have onle power problem so you solve that and if you have also keypad problem so you replace the keypad ic.I think your mobile phone problem 100% solved.

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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Nokia N91 white display Solution

Nokia N91 white display Solution.
Nokia n91 is s very nice mobile phone but some time its create a different problem with display or LCD.Some time when you mobile on its not show the any display on the lcd or LCD show white.If its show the display blank(no lights and no display) so its mean your mobile phones LCD is damage then you open the mobile phone with mobile phone tools and replace the LCD.If its show the only white  and no display then may be your mobile Phone LCD is OK but display IC is damage.So replace the LCD with new one.If your mobile phone problem not solved then you then you replace the display ic.Display Ic i show you below picture.

These problem is same,
Nokia n91 blank display .
 Nokia n91display problem.
 Nokia n91 display jumper.
 Nokia n91 no display.
 Nokia n91 white display.
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Nokia 1202 white display solution

Nokia 1202 white display solution.

Nokia 1202 is a sample mobile have very good battery timing but some time it create the problem with display.This problem does when the mobile phone fall  down.If your mobile phone have the same problem then you solved this problem easily.Fast you open your mobile phone with mobile phones tool and check these point with meter i show you these point below the picture.
If this point is right then you replace the LCD.If your mobile phone problem still then you short the 7 point with the 8 can solved the other display problem like,
 Nokia 1202 white display solution.
 Nokia 1202blank display.
Nokia 1202no display.
Nokia 1202 display problem.
Nokia 1202 white display jumper.
Nokia 1202 LCD ways.
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Nokia 1202

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Sony Ericsson's w595 no network solution.

Sony Ericsson's w595 no network solution.
Sony Ericsson's w595 no signal.
Sony Ericsson's w595no service.
Sony Ericsson's w595 some time it create a problem with network.When your mobile display become no network and you will not allow the call to any one.IF your mobile have this problem then you check fast mobile Antonia is work or not?Fast you go to the mobile menu and select the setting then select the network setting and select the manual setting and search the new network.After few scanned its show you the locale area network if it not show then you conform the mobile Antin not work.If its show some network then your mobile phone PA is week.So fast you reheat the Pa if problem still then you replace it.If your mobile no network search then you open your mobile with sample mobile phone tools and open it carefully.After the open mobile follow my below picture and replace the filter capacitor.
Fast you check the mobile phone Antin.If its not damage then you replace the filter capacitor.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Sony Ericsson w595 solution

Sony Ericsson's w595 solution.
Sony Ericsson's w595 no display.
Sony Ericsson's w595 blue display.
Sony Ericsson's w595 held the mobile phone.
Sony Ericsson w595 is nice mobile phone and its  a slide phone.Some time its create a problem with display.Today i will tell you about sony ericsson w595 white display solution.Some time when you mobile slide up then your mobile phone display become white and some time when you mobile On then your mobile phone become white display.But your mobile phone work properly.Some time your mobile phone have no display.If you mobile phone have white display and mobile phone work properly then you open your mobile with sample mobile phone tools and change the flex cable which i show the below picture.

  After change the flex cable your mobile phone 100% work right.If problem still and your mobile phone's display white and its held also then you change the timer diode which i show the below picture.

I think your problem 1000% solved.If your mobile phone held and become a white display and after few second display come back then you reheat this ic which i show you below.

If your mobile phone have only white display then you also check the flex cable jack.I am thank full to you if you suggest me and comments me on this blog.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Sony Ericsson p1i insert sim card problem

Sony Ericsson p1i insert Sim card problem.
Sony Ericsson p1i memory card not work.
Sony Ericsson p1i no memory card.
Sony Ericsson p1i Invalid Sim card.  
Some time Sony Ericsson's p1i create a problem with Sim card and memory card.So don't worry about that .Today i will tell you about Sony Ericsson's p1i insert Sim card problem.If your mobile create this problem so you can open your mobile with mobile phone repairing the back Case then front and remove the keypad and LCD carefully.After this remove the screw peach on the mobile bored and put the mobile board from the left said and remove the Sim and memory card Stripe.then you check this stripe.Is a damage?if its damage then you replace it.I show you this stripe below picture.

Check this jack and stripe.If your mobile create only Sim card problem and memory card is OK.Then you check the Sim jacket point carefully and If your mobile create the problem with memory card then you check the memory card point and IC.If your mobile create the problem Sim card and memory card then you replace this stripe.I am sure your problem 100% can check also mobile bored jack i show that in the below picture.

Please suggest me about this blog Is it helpful? Comments me i will thank full to you.

Sony ericsson p1i not chargeing solution

Sony Ericsson's p1i not charging solution.
Sony Ericsson's p1i bad charging solution.
Sony Ericsson's p1i charger not connect.
Sony Ericsson's p1i charging problem.
Sony Ericsson's p1i always charging . 

Sony Ericsson is good mobile phone it have a 160 MB storage, 128 MB RAM, 256 MB ROM and it also have 2g and 3 g network and wifi also.But some time it create a problem about charging.(  Sony Ericsson's p1i not charging solution.).If your mobile have this problem then you open your mobile with sample mobile phone tools and open it.carefully remove the lcd and keypad.Put the mobile phone bored from the bass.If your mobile have a problem with no charging show.Then you check the charger Is it right?if its right and work properly then you check the connector.I show the blow.
 I think your mobile phone problem will be right.If your mobile phone problem not solved then you make jumper like below pictuer.

Now your problem 100% solved.If your mobile phone have a Not charging then you replace the tow diod which same number.This diod you can easily fine in the sony  ericsson 750i mobile phone bored Or you can by it any mobile phone parts shop.I show this diod below picture see it carefully.

your problem 100% solved.If your mobile phone still this problem then you contact me om this blog in comments.I try to batter.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Create profile for palm mobile in pakistan

Create profile for palm mobile in Pakistan.
How to create Palm pre profile with out network.
With out network active your mobile.
Bypass the palm pre in Pakistan.
One day a customer came to my shop and he said to me that Mobil palm pre and it's data its give a massage create profile.If I make a profile does not connect to network.Can you fix it?So I said show.I was worried when I saw Mobil because Mobil had never seen before in the first.I told her to try.I tried to get in touch with the network and the profile becomes.A week later I found Who will be mobile active in Pakistan.In Pakistan there are few mobile.I found how to bypass the palm pre.If you have this mobile with same problem.So don't of all you download this program WebOs Doctor.Here's your mobile model and serial number inter.then you download the WebOs doctor.You can also download the java/jar devicetool.jar.

USB cable to conect to the computer.After the downloading  you open the mobile back cover and remove the you can hold on the Valium up button and connect the USB cable to mobile and after few second you put in the battery.Now you show the recovery mode like below picture.

When your mobile display become like this picture then you run the WobOs doctore.this program is bypass the palm pre.when you run the WobOs doctor there you select the state.there is no state for Pakistan so you select  the united state and select the English language.After few sacond the WobOs doctor run and you mobile display change like below picture.

 After 30 mantes your mobile restart and again it give a massage to create profile.So you run the device tool.jar.After few second your mobile active enjoy this post and any problem about palm pre bypass activation so you can connect me on this blog or live chat.After your mobile active you see that like below picture.

Monday, 7 November 2011

China mobile speaker problem

China mobile speaker problem.
china mobile audio device not work.
China mobile show hand free on the screen.
Today all in the world china mobile phone is very famous.Because its have cheap rate and luck like nice.You can bay the china mobile in minimum 2700 rupees in Pakistan and its have a mobile camera memory card and very loud speaker.But sometime speaker not work and your mobile totally quit or only vibrate work.This problem is caused by falling down.Or hand free to apply again and again and is leaving And mobile hand free show on the screen comes up.I have chine mobile which model Dk777 and it have the same problem.when i on the mobile phone there is no sound.So today i will tell you about this problem.i will show you chine mobile DK 777 pictures.Chine cell phone bored is same But their location is changed.So don't worry about that.It is up to the mobile open your mobile with a screw driver which is opening.After opening up the mobile to check the speaker.Is it Right?if its not right then you change the speaker or ringerandalso check the weir of speaker.
IF your mobile phone ringer and ringer weir is ok then you follow my below diagram and replace this ic.

IF you have not audio IC then you remove the audio ic and make jumper as a second picture.

This picture i post on nokia 6120c ranger solution i copy this picture on it.Don't worry about that.Nokia some model have audio Ic same.So you can change this ic easily.Some time mobile show the hand free on the top of screen and spear not work.If you have this problem then you change the hand free connecter.

I thinck this post very help full for china mobile user.So comments me IF you solved the problem. 

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Nokia c1-01 headphone problem's solution.

Nokia c1-01 headphone problem's solution.
Earphone speaker problem.
Nokia C1-01 No Sound Ringer,Earpiece & Hands free.
Nokia c1-01 headset problem solution.

If your mobile nokia c1-01 have this problem so you can repair it vary  easy.IF your mobile have a hand free icon on the top off mobile phone screen But you does not paged in the hand free in the connector.So you open your mobile phone with mobile phone tools and replace the hand free connector or remove the connector and make it jumper like this picture.

 all my visitor please tell me about this post.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Sony ericsson xpperia x1 chargeing solution

Sony ericsson xpperia x1 charging solution.
Sony Ericsson xperia x1 not charging solution.
Or charger not spurted.

Sony Ericsson xperia x1 have many reason for not charging.Fast you check the your mobile phone charger volts.Is it  a 5v/450mA?IF its right it give a 5 volt and 450mA.Then you check the battery.Is it not damage(it a 1500mAh and 3.6 volt).If your battery and charger are good then you open your mobile with sample mobile phone tools and remove the keypad strip and LCd strip carefully.After you put the bored on the mobile Case then you follow my below diagram and see carefully solution on it.

You remove the these two filter capacitor and solved the problem.

Please ask me how i can more clear you so please comments me on this blog.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

China mobile dead solution.

China mobile dead solution.

China  make many mobile in different name of company.But all company make mobile bored is similar.Same ic and ic number.Today i will till you china mobile company Jaso's mobile model 5130c dead solution.Its a nokia 5130's copy.Its luck like nokia 5130c but PCB bored not same.So if your china mobile (any company of china)will not start or if your mobile is held problem.Then you open your mobile with mobile phone tools and put the PCB bored.Remove the cover( the cover is on the mobile UPP ic).Now you see three or two ic fast off all you clean these ic and rehot it.

After you remove the cover it like this picture.Then you clean in these ic with CTC or MBC.when you conform the bored is totally clean then you re hot the UPP ic (Its a big is like picture)with flux tube past.when you re hot this ic you checked the hot  temperaturer.your hot ear gune's heater 4 point and air 2 point.After you re hot the ic you wait a five mantes for cool.

I think your mobile phone 100% start.Please give me suggestion for who more help for you?

Nokia c1-01 still held or no programs work

Nokia c1-01 still held or no programs work.
Nokia c1-01 is nice mobile phone its have a 1gb memory card and much more.But some time its create a problem.when we on the mobile its start but after few second  its still and no keypad work.If your mobile have this problem so don't worry about that.Today i will help you on this problem.Fast of all you open your mobile with sample mobile phone tools and clean the all mobile bored with CTC.

After clean the bored you can remove the caver on the UPP ic and again re clean it.after you clean then you re hot the UPP ic.After the re hot you check the mobile.I think your mobile phone problem 100% solved.If problem still and mobile phone held after 30 sacond then you check the IMEI nomber i think its ears.If your mobile phone IMEi nomber is ok its not ears then you update the sofware with latest file.I am 10000% sure you mobile work properly and smothly.After read this post don't forget the comments.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Nokia 6120c ear piece problem

Nokia 6120c ear piece problem.
Nokia 6120c ear phone not work.

 Dear visitor today i will tell you about nokia 6120c ear piece 6120 c have a one ringer and on ear piece.Some time ear piece not sound send to our ear.There is two reason for this problem.
1: Your  mobile phone ear piece is damage.If your mobile phone ear piece not work fast you check the ear piece then you replace the ear piece.
2:Your ear piece and ranger  is right but its not work.If your mobile phone ear piece is right then you check this ways.

  You can check this way with the Volta meter.there ear piece nagtive point is below and postie point is up side.If these way not right then you connect these point with the wire.   

If your mobile phone ear piece ways is right from falter cop-aster to ear piece point.If your mobile phone ringer and ear piece not work then you change the audio ic or make it jump ring.there i show you blow the diagram.
I think you mobile phone problem 100% solved.please comment me if you nead any help about mobile phone repairing.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Spice mobile phone white display solution

Spice mobile phone white display solution.

Spice mobile phone is indian mobile phone company.
last day i saw the comment on my blog thats give me a my respectable indian visiter.So friend if your mobile phone display after few scanned become a white but your mobile work properly then your mobile phone LCD is damage.If your Spice s940 when you power on mobile phone  still break and keypad not work then you open your mobile with mobile phone tools and clean all bored with MBC (mother bored cleaner).I am sure your mobile phone 100% work.If you clean the mobile phone bored but problem not solved then you clean again and re hot the UPP ic.Then you 1000% solved it.Sorry i have no diagram for this mobile because its use in only India.

If your problem solved then you comments me about this post.Is this helpful?

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Nokia 9300 white display solution

Nokia 9300 white display solution.
Nokia 9300 blue display solution.
Nokia 9300 no display only light solution.
Nokia 9300 is a very nice mobile phone it have a  Music player - MP3, MP4(AAC), RA, MIDI
- Document viewer (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF) but some time we brick down the our mobile phone. Nokia 9300 is a flip phone and have a two LCD when we brick down the mobile phone its create problem with display( white display,blue display or no display). No display its mean LCD light not work and phone display also not grow up.If your mobile have three problem  so you don't worry about that.Today i will till you nokia 9300 display problem.
First of all you open your mobile with mobile tools and check the strip and strip connecter.Is it right?Then you sure your mobile phone display ic is damage.First you rehot the display ic i am sure your mobile phone problem solved.If your mobile phone problem still then you change the ic.Now where is display ic? i show you one diagram and also till you on the ic about this problem.

  After your mobile phone problem solved then you comments me.i am waiting you comments.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Best Bluetooth Headsets

Best Bluetooth Headsets

Remember the days when you would travel around without immediate access to a phone. It didn't seem to bother you, although an inconvenience it wasn't like your life depended on it.

True, it could save a life in an emergency I know.

Point is though, most of the time, we never really missed not having them. You just had to find a phone somewhere. There were always public phones about, either on the street, in bars or in communal places like a train station.

Now it seems we are not complete without one. If you leave for work and discover you've forgotten your phone, would you go back for it? Many I know will, even if it makes them late.

How did we cope before?

For some, they need the phone on hand all the time. Driving the car, on the bus, in the gym, never to be parted. The phone and all its facets offers us a portal into the world from wherever we happen to be located at any time of day. It's not just phone calls you make any more on your phone.

You can surf the web, chat on twitter, check your facebook page, take photos and send them anywhere in the world instantly Wow!. I know it's very cool, that's why more and more people are falling in love with their mobile friend.

The mobile revolution has created so many spin-offs. When texting first hit the scene, I for one thought it was a fad just used by kids to look cool. Slowly but surely I got drawn into the MMS world of text talk. Before I knew it I was using it all the time. Why? Because it's so useful. Smartphones have certainly helped as keyboards got easier to use especially if you've got big fingers!

As we're so used to this information on hand, we're loathe to be parted from it. Some of the best times to catch up is when you're travelling. In the car you can use a hands free kit, but they are restricted to the car. If you're commuting for instance you need a hands free solution that allows you to hold a conversation in any environment.

Bluetooth headsets are an ideal solution but there are so many to choose from, it's difficult to decide which one to get. One of the key factors on making your choice is down to sound quality. You want to be confident the other person is hearing what you have to say and clearly. In addition you've got to be able to hear them also. We can all have one-sided conversations without the need for a mobile phone and Bluetooth headset!

Simply because of their reputation I was drawn to the Bose Bluetooth headset. It has a number of features that have been designed to enhance the users listening capabilities and ensure the other caller can hear clearly what you are saying.

It doesn't require an ear clip either which can be a hindrance when you are wearing glasses. The ear tip comes in three sizes and is designed to fit comfortably by utilising the contours of your right ear.

The smart world of mobile communications continues to grow. Next will be the extended use of NFC to enable making payments with just your mobile phone. Soon we'll only need our mobile when we leave the house to cater for most of our needs. Looks like I may well be late for work if I forget mine in the future!

There is an extended Bose Bluetooth headset review available via the link below.

Article Source:

Article Source:

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Nokia 1202,1203 display light solution

Nokia 1202,1203 display light solution.
Nokia 1202,1203 is very good mobile phone but some time falls in the water and create a problem with display light.If your mobile phone have this problem so don't worry about this problem.You can repair your mobile yourself. It's easy don't worry.First of all you open your mobile with mobile phone tools and check the light below the battery connecter.Is it right? If it's right then you can check the transistor which  i show below diagram and replace it.After you replace the transistor the problem not solved then you follow my jumpre which in show you.

If your problem solved then you comments me. if  the problem not solved also comments me i will try to solve with batter idea.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Sonyericsson 750i full short solution

Sonyericsson 750i full short solution.
TOday i will tell you about sonyericsoon 750i short solution.Sony ericsoon 750i create this problem with tow reason.The first is when your mobile down. Not on your mobile and your mobile's battery is hot to get a full understanding has been short.If there is no need to worry. You open mobile tools and open your mobile.Change Ic which is shown in the picture below.After change the Ic you check the mobile phone is 100% on.

Please comments me about this post i am very thankful to you.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Nokia 1600 ringer problem solution

Nokia 1600 ringer problem solution.Nokia 1600 ringer and ear piece is one connection.One Friend comment me on my blog comments box.He say please tell me please till me nokia 1600 ringer solution its not work.So dear today i will tell you about nokia 1600 inger solution.First of all you opem the mobile phone with sample mobile phone tool then check the ringer with elecelectric Volta meter is this right? IF your mobile phone ringer is right then you check the ringer ways is it ok? IF ringer wys right so you change the audio ic or make jumpring.If you don't know where is audio ic so don't worry please follow my below diagram.

I hop your problem 100% solved.Please don't forget comments on my blog comments box.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Nokia 5310 White display solution

Nokia 5310 White display solution. Nokia 5310 is very good mobile phone but some time we fall down our cell phone then its create a problem. For example its dis play white but mobile phone work very will.Some time its no display light and no display.So don,t worry today i will till you some helpful solution for nokia 5210 white display.farst of all you open your mobile phone with sample mobile phone tools and check the LCD.If you mobile phone display black or no light then you change the LCD.your mobile phone problem 100% solved.If its white display then you rehot or change  the display IC.Follow my below diagram and solved the problem.

If your mobile phone problem 100% solved so don't forget the give comments.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Nokia 3110c keypad solution

Nokia 3110c keypad solution
Nokia 3110c is a very useful phone but Unfortunately  some time its break down in water or other place then its create a problem.Its create different problem but today i will tell you about keypad problem.Some time your mobile phone keypad button not work or some work and some not work so dnot,t worry its keypad ic problem.You can see my below diagram and solved the problem.
 Rehot the keypad ic or jumpring this ic your problem 100% solved.
Please if your problem soled dont forget comments me on my blog comments box.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

The LG Optimus 3D Is Visually Stunning

If life's good, LG has definitely made it better with its newest handset - the LG Optimus 3D. For the first time a mobile phone will feature integrated 3D capabilities. And yes, it's the first in the Smartphone market to showcase 3D technology.

This latest buzz in the Smartphone group of devices has a lot of advanced technology to boast about. To start with - the highlight - 3D integrated display screen! And believe it or not you don't need those huge 3D glasses! The LCD display is modified to give you a 3D effect. The display screen is 4.3 inches - touch screen. And the viewing quality is absolutely brilliant with a 400x800 resolution; it also has a picture clarity that is pleasing and less strain to the eyes.

The sleek built and striking casing of this Smartphone makes it all the more alluring. The powerful technology to support the 3D gaming and movie features is an industry first. For the choosy cell phone buyer, LG leaves no loopholes that hamper the decision of picking an LG Optimus 3D phone over all others. For the technology driven mind, the dual core and dual memory architecture coupled with 8GB internal storage and an added 32GB expansion is impressive. Powered with Nvidia Tegra 2 platform and Android 2.2 OS performance is not even a bit of a worry for LG Optimus 3D mobile phone.

You might ask, what about the users who don't care about the 3D games and movies? What about those who are not that much into clicking pictures in a 3D mode? What about those who might enjoy a 3D experience once in a while but mostly wants his phone to perform the standard functions well? All questions shall be answered. This device also incorporates the standard features. It also includes Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities. And the usual video and music facilities too!

This phone also has a 3D TV connectivity which is possible via the HDMI port. Now again, you would ask why bother when 3D TV's are not even seen in more than 1% homes globally? But you see, that's not the point, the futuristic enhancement gives way to a wide range of possibilities. 3D technology in television is catching up and what an experience it will be to see your favourite mobile phone games and videos spread across a huge 3D TV!

With the standard and futuristic features this phone easily captures attention and appeals to people of all tastes - even the choosy ones who are very particular about functionalities, performance, up to date technology and look and feel of the product too! The LG 3D Optimus mobile phone lives up to what it claims to possess and delivers and all factors and features without a doubt. 3D fan or not, this new technology is here to stay and create a revolution.

Make sure you get the right LG Optimus 3D contract or take a look at the HTC Sensation contract offers.

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Article Source:

Saturday, 21 May 2011

China mobile bad charging connect problem

China mobile bad charging connect problem is a very hard and so difficult.Some time you can charge your mobile but its create a problem of charger not sported or bad charging connect.Or you can charge your mobile its show charging but power not save and your mobile phone give a massage battery low.Or charger not work.

Bad charging connect
Charger not sported.
Not charging

If your mobile create any these problem so don,t worry today i will tel you about this problem.Fast you check the your mobile phone battery. Is it correctly connect the battery point?if this is correctly connected to the battery point then you check the your mobile phone charger.Is it give a 5.5v 500mA? I think if you check this your mobile phone problem will sole.
If your mobile phone problem not solve them you open the mobile phone with sample mobile phone tools and follow the bellow diagram.

Fast you check the cup pester near this diode.Then you change the diode. I hope your problem 100% solve.

For more information please connect me on this blog comments box and give me comment thnxx. 

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Nokia 6300 water damage

In these days mobile phone is a very useful think in the world.Every one have a cell phone.But some time its felt down in the water and it create a some problems.Nokia mobile phone is a very famous in the world and they made a cell phone very powerful.Today i will tell you how to repair nokia 6300 water damage.

If your mobile nokia 6300 is a water damage and it not on  or mean its dad.So don,t worry you can repair your mobile your self. Fast of all you can open your mobile phone with mobile phone toolkit and remove the LCD on the PCB bored.After the remove LCD wash your mobile phone PCB bored with CTC(carbon tetra cleaner).Then you re hot the PCB bored with hot ear or ender the sun shine some hours.when you can feel your mobile phone bored is 100% dry then you close the mobile.Folow the below diagram there i tell you the UPP ic.Most impermanently you re hot this ic.

After the all work you can on the mobile phone and check it.If its create a some problem means ear piece not work or white display then you repair these problem deferents method some problem i was tell you last post on this blog.
For more information of mobile repairing please connect me on this blog comments box. i hop you enjoy this post.          

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Nokia C1 water damage

If your mobile phone is water damage and create some problems.Example mobile ear piece  not work.Your mobile phone is on but after few second it shutdown.Or your mobile phone display white.your mobile phone key pad not work can repair your mobile phone yourself.Sample open your mobile phone with mobile phone repairing tools and clean the PCB bored with CTC(carbon tetra cleaner).When you clean the PCB bored then remove the ic cover and re hot the UPP ic.Follow my below diagram and solve the problem.

For more information of any mobile problem please contact me on this blog comment box.I hope so you like this post and enjoy it

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Nokia 7610 how to remove virus or how to formate?

If your mobile nokia 7610 create a problem restart or application not work properly or mobile songs not play or battery not save so donot can format your mobile. Shutdown the mobile and open back cover remove the battery and memory card.Press the star + 3 key and start the cell phone when mobile light on press the ok key and wight few second.After few second your mobile phone show the formatting. 
After the formatting your mobile become original setting.For more info please comment me i hop this blog is very useful.   

Sunday, 1 May 2011

What Is A Reverse Phone Look Up?

Over the last few years you may have come across the term reverse phone lookup now and again as companies offering this type of service become more popular. Here we shall take a look at exactly what they are and how you can go about conducting your very own

What is a Reverse Phone look up?

A lookup of this type allows you to find out a variety of information regarding the owner of a phone number, this may include a name, address phone provider and so on. All this type of information can be useful if you keep receiving prank calls and want to put a stop to them or even believe that your spouse may be having some kind of affair. However, it doesn't always have to be a bad reason as to why you may want to access this information, it may simply be to match a name to a number or to stop people from cold calling and trying to sell you things you don't actually want. Simply trace the company and ask them to stop.

What kind or services are available?

There are both free and paid for services available online for you to do these types of information searches. Whilst the free ones are good for retrieving information regarding landline numbers, they tend to fall down when it comes to retrieving cell phone numbers. For these you are going to need to use a paid for service. The reason being that landline information is readily available whereas for cell numbers it needs to be collected which is an expensive task. A number of the paid for services will offer more than one rate based on either a single or set number of searches through to the ability to pay monthly for unlimited use.

What Information Can you expect to receive?

When you use a look up service you will receive a report about the owner of the number. This report will include information such a name, a registered address, phone company details and maybe even its location and other numbers that, that same person maybe using.

How do you access these services?

To use one of these services is quite simple. Simply go to the website and enter your number, if information is found you will be informed and the details will be made available for a small fee in the case of the paid services.

If you have phone number need name and want to find out how easy it is to use the best reverse phone look up service available on the web then visit my site by clicking here.

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Friday, 29 April 2011

Nokia s310 white display solution

Nokia 5310 white display problem is three different kinds.
(1)Your mobile display is white but your mobile work properly.
(2)when you can mobile is on, and some second your mobile display white and restarted.
(3)some time your mobile no on display light and no display.
You can follow this below diagram and solved the upper problems.
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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Nokia 6300 not charging sported problime

Nokia 6300 not charging sported problem is a very difficult but u can solve this problem easily.Just open the your mobile phone with sample mobile phone tools and follow below diagram.
Not charging
Not charging sported
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Monday, 25 April 2011

How to Become a Successful iPhone Game Developer

Ever heard of an Ethan Nicholas? Ethan held a fairly average job down at Sun Microsystems. That is until he developed a little game called iShoot on iPhone and now he's a very happy man. Why? Because he's stinking rich!

Although Ethan's unexpected hobby made him rich by coincidence, the world of iPhone game development is becoming highly competitive, very quickly. Perhaps this has a lot to do with the fact that iPhone game developers get to keep a large sum of their profits from selling their game.

While it is a sea of opportunities, the iPhone game development world is still a big maze, with hundreds of developers being rejected every day. However, if you want to become the next Ethan Nicholas, and spare rejection, here are some handy tips.

    Bugs - This speaks for itself. If your game has a bug that causes the iPhone application to crash, then chances are Apple won't risk annoying its customers by buying your game. Make sure you run several tests, on multiple devices and under different network conditions. Write out unit test codes for your regression testing as well.

    Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) - Although Apple is very strict about its HIG, there have been instances when applications have been approved despite minor violations of the guidelines. However, after all that hardwork, would you want to fall into the reject pile? My advice - stick to the codes.

    Internet usage - If your game requires internet connection, and there is no network available, then it is actually against the guidelines to simply state "trying to connect". So remember to inform the user if network is unavailable and test your game under no connectivity conditions, as that is how Apple does it.

    Bandwidth allowance - As a fellow user yourself, you probably wouldn't want to play a game that uses too much bandwidth as it can get very expensive and drain the battery quickly. iPhone consultants at Apple suggest not using more than 4.5Megabytes worth of data for every 5 minutes of usage. Again, check the data usage before you submit your game.

    Copyright infringement and Privacy Breach- It is common to use famous people in a less than polite way in games, which is all in good fun. However, iPhone has strict rules against poking fun at politicians or celebrities in their games.

    In-app purchases - These days, every other iPhone game developer includes in-app shopping, and while they add a different dimension to games, they can also be misleading when purchases transcend play shopping into real credit card usage. In fact, a new class-action lawsuit is being taken against Apple by parents and guardians, whose children have been making these virtual purchases without realizing that they were actually going to be billed for them. So spare yourself and Apple the legal issues, and inform gamers clearly, if in-app purchases are in fact, real buys.

Many of these tips might be considered useful, and they are, however, the world of iPhone game development is not limited to these guidelines alone. If you're truly passionate about your creation, and are not 100% iPhone game development savvy, then perhaps it is best to seek the advice of professionals.

For example, Houston iPhone developers JiniBot Mobile Development specializes in iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry mobile development, and are more than qualified to help send you in the right direction.

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JiniBot is the leading provider of iPhone application development and consulting services. We have mastered this domain and have extensive experience in developing custom mobile applications for iPhone (including iPad) and other mobile platforms like Android and BlackBerry. Our highly experienced team brings together deep product design experience, technology expertise and a passion for building world-class mobile experiences.

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Nokia 6300 white display solution

Nokia 6300 white display solution:Nokia mobile model 6300 is a sample mobile phone with Meany sd memory card.its a very beautiful mobile phone but same time it create a problem of white display,blue display.If your mobile create this problem
White display
Blue display
Light problem.
Fast of all you open your mobile with the sample mobile phone tools and follow the below diagram solved the problem.

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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Nokia x6 not charging solution

Nokia x6 not charging solution or charger not sported.
First of all you checked the battery connector is properly connect the battery point.If its connected then you open the your nokia x6 with the sample mobile phone tools and follow the below diagram.
Follow this diagram and remove the filter capacitor and diode carefully.For more information please send me comments in the comment box and tell me how i can more useful solution on my blog. 

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Nokia X2 insert sim card problem

Nokia X2 insert sim card problem is a very difficult for solved.Because some time your mobile phone battery not properly connect to the battery connector and your mobile became a insert sim card.First of all you checked the battery medial point proper connect the battery connector medial point.Because the medial point give a positive point to the UEM ic.   If its connected but your mobile phone give a message insert sim card.Then you open your mobile phone with mobile tools and follow my below diagram and make a can also replace the ic.If you can not you follow this diagram and make jumpering .
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Monday, 11 April 2011

Nokia x2 not charging or not charger supported problem

Nokia x2 not charging or not charger supported  problem solution.
If your cell phone nokia X2 is not charging.Firstly checked out that your phone;s battery is correctly connected to the battery connector If it is correctly not connected it had the problem of not charging .Then clean out the battery point with the dirt cleaner(ctc).If the battery is correctly connected then open the mobile phone with mobile tool follow my below diagram remove the capacitors and diode which i show in the diagram.
  Then do the jumpring which you can follow my diagram.
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Saturday, 9 April 2011

nokia x2 white display solution

Nokia x2 is a very wonderful mobile phone and today very famous in the world.But sometime it createe a problem with his display.sometime it become a white or after few second it will be restart.If your mobile phone create that problem so you can repair yourself.Sample you open your mobile with the mobile tool and follow the below diagram.
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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Nokia C1-01 not charging solution

Nokia C1-01 not charging solution.
Nokia C1-01 not charging problem is very easy solution.First of all checked out this...
Your mobile;s battery is properly connected with the middle of the battery connector.If this is correctly connected .Then you should satisfy that this is not a huge problem.Sometime not charging problem can b due to change the battery.So you should only use the BL-5CB battery in your Nokia C1-01 mobile phone.
If your problem is not solving then open your nokia C1-01 mobile phone with the mobile phone screw driver follow my below diagram and solved your problem.
Your problem will be solved 100%.
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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Nokia c1-01 white display solution

Nokia c1-01 white display problem have different type of problem.
(1).Nokia C1-01 shewed white display.
(2).Nokia C1-01  showed only light no display.
(3).sometime the display is remain for sometime but after that it goes.
For the solution of all above problem.Please follow my this diagram and solved the problem.

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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Nokia C1-01 insert sim problem.

 Nokia C1-01 insert sim problem.
Nokia C1-01 insert sim is a very simple solved problem.first checked out the battery is it properly connected to the center point of battery connecter.Because some time battery not properly connect to the center point of battery connecter and mobile phone give a message insert sim cared.if your battery properly connect to the battery connecter.Then you open the mobile phone with mobile phone tools and follow this diagram and solve the problem.
  There is two options.
(1).Change the sim IC ( i show you on the diagram).
(2). Jumpring the sim ic as a diagram.
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Monday, 4 April 2011

iPad and iPad 2 Stands - Just Mobile Is Leading the Way Among Manufacturers

There are hundreds of iPad and iPad 2 different stands that help in making your device more functional and comfortable to use. Actually, a large amount of the iPad cases manufactured as double as iPad stands. Just Mobile, a leading manufacturer of iPad accessories, has come out with a variety of stands for the iPad and iPad 2 that are just dominating the market. Users won't stop raving about the quality and functionality of some of Just Mobile's most popular iPad stands. Take a look at this list of the most popular Just Mobile products!

Just Mobile Slide Stand for iPad and iPad 2

Have you ever been in a situation where you wished you could just pull an iPad stand out of your back pocket? People that use their iPad on the go have this thought go through their head frequently. Just Mobile has created a cutting-edge iPad stand that is small enough to take on the go. Because of this stand's simple style, user can pull it out anywhere and put it to use in seconds. The stand actually only consists of one, solid piece of aluminum, yet still offers a variety of viewing angles! It holds the iPad and iPad 2 in both portrait and landscape position. The Just Mobile Slide Stand will cost you around $40.

Just Mobile Encore Stand for iPad and iPad 2

The Encore stand for the iPad and iPad 2 is equally exciting and functional as the slide stand. This stand is constructed out of an aluminum ring that makes up the base and also features a hinged-arm that supports the back of the iPad. This stand is popular because it offers an unlimited number of different views angle, which ensures that you can use your iPad at the optimal angle. Another important feature that the Encore stand has is its rock-hard support for typing. You can tap those keys as hard and fast as you like and your iPad won't go anywhere. The Encore stand retails for about $60.

AluPen by Just Mobile

The AluPen is actually not an iPad stand, but rather a stylus. Most people like to use a stylus in conjunction with their iPad stand. This product has been selling off the shelves like hotcakes since its release. It has a chunkier body than most stylus, making it easier to control with an increased level of precision. Many users have thrown away their popular Pogo Sketch stylus and upgraded to the AluPen. The AluPen is available in six colors and retails for about $25.

Get your Just Mobile iPad accessories before they are out of stock. is celebrating the release of these products by discounting prices. You will find the popular AluPen iPad stylus has been reduced from $24.95 to $22.95 and the Slide Stand for iPad is now only $37.99 plus free shipping!

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Saturday, 2 April 2011

Nokia mobile 7610 keypad ways

 Nokia mobile 7610 keypad problem
Nokia mobile 7610 keypad problem is tow tape.One if you press the one key but its work tow key.And sacond is when you press a mobile phone keypad key but it not work or it still.Nokia 7610 mobile phone when you open it with sample mobile phone tools you see a key pad bellow the LCD.first of all you remove the old touch pad and clean the keypad with MBC or CTC and replace it a new one.When you do that your mobile phone 100% work properly.If your mobile phone key pad not work properly so you follow this diagram and replace keypad IC or jumper it as a diagram.

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Nokia mobile n70,7610 white display solution tip

Nokia mobile n70,7610 white display solution tip
nokia n70,nokia 7610 is tow different mobile phone model but some IC n70,7610 white display problem is tow type.
First your cell phone 100% work but no display or white screen or no display no light.If your mobile phone became a no display and no light so u can change the LCD with a new one.if you mobile phone n70,7610 have a wite screen and work properly so you change the display ic.but if you don;t know where is display ic so you follow my diagram that is give you bellow.

This is nokia mobile 7610s n70 and nokia 7610 have display iC and UEM ic is you dont worry about that.You open the mobile n70 phone with sample mobile phone tools and find these IC on the bored.
Second problem is.When you start the cell phone the mobile phone LCD became white after few second and mobile restart again.You can solve this problem whith the help of diagram that is given bellow so re hot this IC with hot ear gun.
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