Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Chine Mwobile light blinking and mobile phone Restart.

China Mobile restarting and White Display solution.
China Mobile Stop working problem.
Chine mobile light blinking and mobile phone Restart.
China mobile have some basic problem like restarting and white display. Restart the Mobile phone for many reasone fast check your mobile buttery connector.If there some carbon then your mobile not charging properly.and other resone is problem with software so you flash it with latest tools.And second problem is White you check your mobile phone memory. Is it Full. If its full then you Ears some data or remove to memory card.Check massage in box also because some time mobile phone memory full and mobile software not work properly its Stop working or white display and shutdown or its very impotent.if your mobile phone memory is not overload and mobile phone have these problem then you open your mobile phone and re hot the UPP. and check it. i think its work properly.IF your mobile phone light Blinking very short time and your mobile phone become a whit display or stop working then you change the oscillator or timer. you can see below picture.

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