Monday, 12 December 2011

Nokia 2690 power On Off Button problem.

Nokia 2690 power On Off  Button problem.
Nokia 2690 dead solution.
Nokia 2690 keypad solution.
Nokia 2690 power button ways.
Nokia 2690 power button jumpring.
Nokia 2690 is a very good mobile phone but i think its create a problem with power button because nokia put the power button on the keypad ic so if you have the same problem with your mobile phone then you open your mobile with mobile phone tools and follow he below picture.

 If you have onle power problem so you solve that and if you have also keypad problem so you replace the keypad ic.I think your mobile phone problem 100% solved.

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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Nokia N91 white display Solution

Nokia N91 white display Solution.
Nokia n91 is s very nice mobile phone but some time its create a different problem with display or LCD.Some time when you mobile on its not show the any display on the lcd or LCD show white.If its show the display blank(no lights and no display) so its mean your mobile phones LCD is damage then you open the mobile phone with mobile phone tools and replace the LCD.If its show the only white  and no display then may be your mobile Phone LCD is OK but display IC is damage.So replace the LCD with new one.If your mobile phone problem not solved then you then you replace the display ic.Display Ic i show you below picture.

These problem is same,
Nokia n91 blank display .
 Nokia n91display problem.
 Nokia n91 display jumper.
 Nokia n91 no display.
 Nokia n91 white display.
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Nokia 1202 white display solution

Nokia 1202 white display solution.

Nokia 1202 is a sample mobile have very good battery timing but some time it create the problem with display.This problem does when the mobile phone fall  down.If your mobile phone have the same problem then you solved this problem easily.Fast you open your mobile phone with mobile phones tool and check these point with meter i show you these point below the picture.
If this point is right then you replace the LCD.If your mobile phone problem still then you short the 7 point with the 8 can solved the other display problem like,
 Nokia 1202 white display solution.
 Nokia 1202blank display.
Nokia 1202no display.
Nokia 1202 display problem.
Nokia 1202 white display jumper.
Nokia 1202 LCD ways.
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Nokia 1202