Sunday, 27 November 2011

Sony Ericsson's w595 no network solution.

Sony Ericsson's w595 no network solution.
Sony Ericsson's w595 no signal.
Sony Ericsson's w595no service.
Sony Ericsson's w595 some time it create a problem with network.When your mobile display become no network and you will not allow the call to any one.IF your mobile have this problem then you check fast mobile Antonia is work or not?Fast you go to the mobile menu and select the setting then select the network setting and select the manual setting and search the new network.After few scanned its show you the locale area network if it not show then you conform the mobile Antin not work.If its show some network then your mobile phone PA is week.So fast you reheat the Pa if problem still then you replace it.If your mobile no network search then you open your mobile with sample mobile phone tools and open it carefully.After the open mobile follow my below picture and replace the filter capacitor.
Fast you check the mobile phone Antin.If its not damage then you replace the filter capacitor.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Sony Ericsson w595 solution

Sony Ericsson's w595 solution.
Sony Ericsson's w595 no display.
Sony Ericsson's w595 blue display.
Sony Ericsson's w595 held the mobile phone.
Sony Ericsson w595 is nice mobile phone and its  a slide phone.Some time its create a problem with display.Today i will tell you about sony ericsson w595 white display solution.Some time when you mobile slide up then your mobile phone display become white and some time when you mobile On then your mobile phone become white display.But your mobile phone work properly.Some time your mobile phone have no display.If you mobile phone have white display and mobile phone work properly then you open your mobile with sample mobile phone tools and change the flex cable which i show the below picture.

  After change the flex cable your mobile phone 100% work right.If problem still and your mobile phone's display white and its held also then you change the timer diode which i show the below picture.

I think your problem 1000% solved.If your mobile phone held and become a white display and after few second display come back then you reheat this ic which i show you below.

If your mobile phone have only white display then you also check the flex cable jack.I am thank full to you if you suggest me and comments me on this blog.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Sony Ericsson p1i insert sim card problem

Sony Ericsson p1i insert Sim card problem.
Sony Ericsson p1i memory card not work.
Sony Ericsson p1i no memory card.
Sony Ericsson p1i Invalid Sim card.  
Some time Sony Ericsson's p1i create a problem with Sim card and memory card.So don't worry about that .Today i will tell you about Sony Ericsson's p1i insert Sim card problem.If your mobile create this problem so you can open your mobile with mobile phone repairing the back Case then front and remove the keypad and LCD carefully.After this remove the screw peach on the mobile bored and put the mobile board from the left said and remove the Sim and memory card Stripe.then you check this stripe.Is a damage?if its damage then you replace it.I show you this stripe below picture.

Check this jack and stripe.If your mobile create only Sim card problem and memory card is OK.Then you check the Sim jacket point carefully and If your mobile create the problem with memory card then you check the memory card point and IC.If your mobile create the problem Sim card and memory card then you replace this stripe.I am sure your problem 100% can check also mobile bored jack i show that in the below picture.

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Sony ericsson p1i not chargeing solution

Sony Ericsson's p1i not charging solution.
Sony Ericsson's p1i bad charging solution.
Sony Ericsson's p1i charger not connect.
Sony Ericsson's p1i charging problem.
Sony Ericsson's p1i always charging . 

Sony Ericsson is good mobile phone it have a 160 MB storage, 128 MB RAM, 256 MB ROM and it also have 2g and 3 g network and wifi also.But some time it create a problem about charging.(  Sony Ericsson's p1i not charging solution.).If your mobile have this problem then you open your mobile with sample mobile phone tools and open it.carefully remove the lcd and keypad.Put the mobile phone bored from the bass.If your mobile have a problem with no charging show.Then you check the charger Is it right?if its right and work properly then you check the connector.I show the blow.
 I think your mobile phone problem will be right.If your mobile phone problem not solved then you make jumper like below pictuer.

Now your problem 100% solved.If your mobile phone have a Not charging then you replace the tow diod which same number.This diod you can easily fine in the sony  ericsson 750i mobile phone bored Or you can by it any mobile phone parts shop.I show this diod below picture see it carefully.

your problem 100% solved.If your mobile phone still this problem then you contact me om this blog in comments.I try to batter.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Create profile for palm mobile in pakistan

Create profile for palm mobile in Pakistan.
How to create Palm pre profile with out network.
With out network active your mobile.
Bypass the palm pre in Pakistan.
One day a customer came to my shop and he said to me that Mobil palm pre and it's data its give a massage create profile.If I make a profile does not connect to network.Can you fix it?So I said show.I was worried when I saw Mobil because Mobil had never seen before in the first.I told her to try.I tried to get in touch with the network and the profile becomes.A week later I found Who will be mobile active in Pakistan.In Pakistan there are few mobile.I found how to bypass the palm pre.If you have this mobile with same problem.So don't of all you download this program WebOs Doctor.Here's your mobile model and serial number inter.then you download the WebOs doctor.You can also download the java/jar devicetool.jar.

USB cable to conect to the computer.After the downloading  you open the mobile back cover and remove the you can hold on the Valium up button and connect the USB cable to mobile and after few second you put in the battery.Now you show the recovery mode like below picture.

When your mobile display become like this picture then you run the WobOs doctore.this program is bypass the palm pre.when you run the WobOs doctor there you select the state.there is no state for Pakistan so you select  the united state and select the English language.After few sacond the WobOs doctor run and you mobile display change like below picture.

 After 30 mantes your mobile restart and again it give a massage to create profile.So you run the device tool.jar.After few second your mobile active enjoy this post and any problem about palm pre bypass activation so you can connect me on this blog or live chat.After your mobile active you see that like below picture.

Monday, 7 November 2011

China mobile speaker problem

China mobile speaker problem.
china mobile audio device not work.
China mobile show hand free on the screen.
Today all in the world china mobile phone is very famous.Because its have cheap rate and luck like nice.You can bay the china mobile in minimum 2700 rupees in Pakistan and its have a mobile camera memory card and very loud speaker.But sometime speaker not work and your mobile totally quit or only vibrate work.This problem is caused by falling down.Or hand free to apply again and again and is leaving And mobile hand free show on the screen comes up.I have chine mobile which model Dk777 and it have the same problem.when i on the mobile phone there is no sound.So today i will tell you about this problem.i will show you chine mobile DK 777 pictures.Chine cell phone bored is same But their location is changed.So don't worry about that.It is up to the mobile open your mobile with a screw driver which is opening.After opening up the mobile to check the speaker.Is it Right?if its not right then you change the speaker or ringerandalso check the weir of speaker.
IF your mobile phone ringer and ringer weir is ok then you follow my below diagram and replace this ic.

IF you have not audio IC then you remove the audio ic and make jumper as a second picture.

This picture i post on nokia 6120c ranger solution i copy this picture on it.Don't worry about that.Nokia some model have audio Ic same.So you can change this ic easily.Some time mobile show the hand free on the top of screen and spear not work.If you have this problem then you change the hand free connecter.

I thinck this post very help full for china mobile user.So comments me IF you solved the problem.