Sunday, 23 October 2011

Nokia c1-01 headphone problem's solution.

Nokia c1-01 headphone problem's solution.
Earphone speaker problem.
Nokia C1-01 No Sound Ringer,Earpiece & Hands free.
Nokia c1-01 headset problem solution.

If your mobile nokia c1-01 have this problem so you can repair it vary  easy.IF your mobile have a hand free icon on the top off mobile phone screen But you does not paged in the hand free in the connector.So you open your mobile phone with mobile phone tools and replace the hand free connector or remove the connector and make it jumper like this picture.

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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Sony ericsson xpperia x1 chargeing solution

Sony ericsson xpperia x1 charging solution.
Sony Ericsson xperia x1 not charging solution.
Or charger not spurted.

Sony Ericsson xperia x1 have many reason for not charging.Fast you check the your mobile phone charger volts.Is it  a 5v/450mA?IF its right it give a 5 volt and 450mA.Then you check the battery.Is it not damage(it a 1500mAh and 3.6 volt).If your battery and charger are good then you open your mobile with sample mobile phone tools and remove the keypad strip and LCd strip carefully.After you put the bored on the mobile Case then you follow my below diagram and see carefully solution on it.

You remove the these two filter capacitor and solved the problem.

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Sunday, 9 October 2011

China mobile dead solution.

China mobile dead solution.

China  make many mobile in different name of company.But all company make mobile bored is similar.Same ic and ic number.Today i will till you china mobile company Jaso's mobile model 5130c dead solution.Its a nokia 5130's copy.Its luck like nokia 5130c but PCB bored not same.So if your china mobile (any company of china)will not start or if your mobile is held problem.Then you open your mobile with mobile phone tools and put the PCB bored.Remove the cover( the cover is on the mobile UPP ic).Now you see three or two ic fast off all you clean these ic and rehot it.

After you remove the cover it like this picture.Then you clean in these ic with CTC or MBC.when you conform the bored is totally clean then you re hot the UPP ic (Its a big is like picture)with flux tube past.when you re hot this ic you checked the hot  temperaturer.your hot ear gune's heater 4 point and air 2 point.After you re hot the ic you wait a five mantes for cool.

I think your mobile phone 100% start.Please give me suggestion for who more help for you?

Nokia c1-01 still held or no programs work

Nokia c1-01 still held or no programs work.
Nokia c1-01 is nice mobile phone its have a 1gb memory card and much more.But some time its create a problem.when we on the mobile its start but after few second  its still and no keypad work.If your mobile have this problem so don't worry about that.Today i will help you on this problem.Fast of all you open your mobile with sample mobile phone tools and clean the all mobile bored with CTC.

After clean the bored you can remove the caver on the UPP ic and again re clean it.after you clean then you re hot the UPP ic.After the re hot you check the mobile.I think your mobile phone problem 100% solved.If problem still and mobile phone held after 30 sacond then you check the IMEI nomber i think its ears.If your mobile phone IMEi nomber is ok its not ears then you update the sofware with latest file.I am 10000% sure you mobile work properly and smothly.After read this post don't forget the comments.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Nokia 6120c ear piece problem

Nokia 6120c ear piece problem.
Nokia 6120c ear phone not work.

 Dear visitor today i will tell you about nokia 6120c ear piece 6120 c have a one ringer and on ear piece.Some time ear piece not sound send to our ear.There is two reason for this problem.
1: Your  mobile phone ear piece is damage.If your mobile phone ear piece not work fast you check the ear piece then you replace the ear piece.
2:Your ear piece and ranger  is right but its not work.If your mobile phone ear piece is right then you check this ways.

  You can check this way with the Volta meter.there ear piece nagtive point is below and postie point is up side.If these way not right then you connect these point with the wire.   

If your mobile phone ear piece ways is right from falter cop-aster to ear piece point.If your mobile phone ringer and ear piece not work then you change the audio ic or make it jump ring.there i show you blow the diagram.
I think you mobile phone problem 100% solved.please comment me if you nead any help about mobile phone repairing.