Thursday, 17 March 2016

Mobile Phone advantage and disadvantage or Mobile phone boon or bane

Today i feel mobile phone is a very dangers  think in my life.  so i  decided to discuss about it in may face book community and there in my lovely blog so you people desited Is mobile important in our life?
i search in google i visit almost  every site of descase about  mobile phone.

Advantages Of Mobile Phones.
mobile phone can communicate with each other.Today we can use GPS service for find phone also use for preparing presentations,lisning musik and we cans see vedios tack pictures make selfi ,calnder,calculatore,storage for contact and data,sms,and so on.

Disadvantages Of Mobile Phone.
Radiations emitted have been blamed for various health hazards, linked to and are blamed for causing hearing loss, skin diseases, cancer. Overuse/ misuse may lead to problems, loss of privacy, psychosomatic disorders leading to personality changes. Many users use ear phones or headphones which may cause hearing problems as well as ear infections. Using mobile for listening music has been blamed for number of road traffic accidents, because of poor listening and attention to other vehicles and lack of concentration and control while driving.
So gyes i refer ti to PDF on google search to read this and decide about mobile phone
mobile phone advantage and disadvantages
Mobile phone; Electro-mechanical equipment.